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A tradition since 1930

While Tapoco Lodge had humble beginnings, the rich history of this location is easy to feel in the design and craftsmanship of the lodge, which has remained nearly unchanged since it’s building in 1930. Originally built by the Tallassee Power Company to house workers near the Cheoah dams and other hydroelectric power projects in the area, it’s spacious and cozy deisgn was inviting and warm. The original structure consisted only of the main lodge, but was gradually expanded over the next several decades to include the surrounding cabins as well. In the 1950’s, the property was expanded to include such amenities as a theater and guard house. In the 1990s, the property gained a tennis court and gazebos. Now, the various buildings that comprise the property make it an ideal place to live, work, rest, and play. The amenities are still true to their historic roots while also being modernized for your convenience. In 2004, Tapoco Lodge was officially added to the National Register of Historic Places, ensuring that the memories made here will only continue to grow.

Kitchen staff at Tapoco lodge taken during 1930
Old photo of a tram in the front of tapoco lodge

Nestled in the midst of the Great Smoky Mountains and the Nantahala National Forest, the Historic Tapoco Lodge encompasses 120+/- acres running along the Cheoah River. This property has everything you will need on site for a relaxing vacation retreat.

Equipped with 9 elegantly furnished rooms/suites in the main lodge and 18 cabin rooms, the Historic Tapoco Lodge features two on-site restaurants. The Tapoco Tavern is the perfect place to gather a group of friends for game day parties. The Tavern includes a bar and wood stone pizza oven.

The Historic Tapoco Lodge has an incredible storied past, much of which has been maintained through its recent renovations. The property was home to the town of Tapoco, founded in 1913, to provide housing for the hundreds of workers constructing the hydroelectric dams. The Tapoco Tin Can Theater has been restored to its glory days when it was also used as a community center, dance hall, and for going away parties for the many local soldiers during World War II.

Early black and white photo of the front of tapoco lodge


In 2017, the Bailey family (Adrian, Mary, Kevin, and Connie) took over ownership of the lodge and it continues to undergo restoration and modernization. The Lodge and extensive grounds are open to the public to explore and enjoy.
Tavern Tapoco lodge

When you do feel the need to venture out, the nation’s most popular playground is at your fingertips in the Great Smoky Mountains. The Historic Tapoco Lodge is minutes from The Tail of the Dragon, an 11-mile mountain road famous for its staggering 318 curves. This, of course, makes both The Tail of the Dragon and the Historic Tapoco Lodge an obvious choice for motorcyclists, sports car drivers and two-lane tourists from all over the world.

With hiking, canoeing, rafting, kayaking, fishing, birding, mountain biking, and so much more just out your doorstep, the Historic Tapoco Lodge is truly a piece of history amidst nature’s playground.

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